Claims Process

TAG's Process

  1. Conduct Free Damage Assessment

    • Our Project Managers:

      • Evaluate areas of the property for hail or wind damage and other types of problems

      • Provide property owner / homeowner with damage assessment

      • Sign authorization for inspection, repairs and payment

  2. Contact Insurance Company

    • With our assistance, you, the property owner / homeowner and a Project Manager:

      • Inform the insurance company of the date of the loss

      • Tell the insurance company that the property has been inspected by a qualified contractor who found storm damage

      • It is very important that you provide your Project Manager with the claim number, adjuster name, phone number and date of inspection, so that your Project Manager can attend the adjuster meeting on your behalf

      • File insurance claim

  3. Meet Insurance Adjuster

    • We work for the property owner / homeowner to ensure you get what you deserve. In doing so, our Project Manager meets at your property with the insurance adjuster who:

      • Assesses the property damage

      • Discusses the full scope of damage

      • Files a report with the insurance company

      • We meet with insurance adjuster

  4. Issue Settlement

    • Your insurance company:

      • Sends you a loss summary detailing the scope of the damage and what they are willing to pay

      • Sends first insurance check to begin work

  5. Plan Project

    • TAG Roofing & Restoration and you:

      • Helps you review the loss summary report

      • Conducts an aerial measurement using EagleView® Technologies

      • Assists you in submitting a supplement if necessary

      • Meets with the homeowner so the homeowner can select colors and materials (CSOA)

      • Meets with the homeowner to sign any contract addendums

      • Determines a target start date to begin work

      • Collects the initial insurance check from the homeowner

      • Gives an overview of project

  6. Begin Work

    • TAG Roofing & Restoration:

      • Confirms actual start date

      • Delivers materials

      • Oversees the entire project

      • Our crews install and deliver a quality product

  7. Finish Job, Issue Warranty Information and Collect Final Payment

    • You, the property owner / homeowner:

      • Issue final payment to TAG Roofing & Restoration

      • Sign certificate of completion

      • Receive warranty and required documentation from TAG Roofing & Restoration